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The City of Hong Kong

Although Hong Kong has some of the best hiking we’ve done, the shiny skyscrapers and small local shops captivate as well.  The “Happiness Dispensary” still has me wondering.

I spend many days wandering through new neighborhoods soaking up the new and old of the culture. One minute I’m walking by designer-dressed business people and the next I’m watching a storekeeper sweep the sidewalk with a straw broom. This city seems to give energy instead of drawing it from me. I never get tired of it.   

Another contrast in this cosmopolitan city is that they still use bamboo scaffolding when constructing or repairing any building. It’s odd to see a 21st Century building wrapped in really old technology.  It was used to build the Great Wall. The upgrade–black zip ties instead of rope. I guess…why change what works well?

Bob travels on the Star Ferry to the YMCA for his workouts. He’s an “elder,” so it’s free. The government wants its elders to be out more, so they make it easy. The U.S. could learn something from Hong Kong when it comes to elders and transportation. (Ya gotta love the word “elder.” It oozes respect and wisdom.)

I’ve found a wonderful yoga studio. I always leave early so I can wind through the neighborhoods soaking up the energy of the streets.

We have a few days left in Hong Kong before we are off to Thailand, and plan to use every minute, hiking, exploring and visiting Kristin and the fam.  I could easily stay here another month. So enjoy a quick look at a bit of Hong Kong.

And have a Happy New Year!