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Our Last Days in Cuenca, Ecuador

Bob and I are enjoying our last days of our three month visit in Cuenca, Ecuador. We’ve had many new adventures in the last weeks.

The Cajas called us back one more time for an estupendo hike. Most of the day we were next to a roaring waterfall that calmed and guided us to the lake that fed it. We had lunch staring at the lake where two llamas decided to check us out. It was a perfect day.

Bob has hiked all the highest peaks we can see from the apartment. Early on in this visit, he set a goal to hike them all, and he did it and loved all the challenges and most importantly the views.

I spend the last week at a yoga retreat near the ocean rejuvenating and being peaceful. No internet, amazing vegan food and juices, and the sound of the ocean waves. I would love to make that retreat an annual event.

On a Friday night a few weeks back, we came across some crazy fireworks at the main square, Plaza Calderon. The fireworks are used in the celebration of Corpus Christi. They build wooden structures, attach fireworks to them, and set them off. We ended up sitting right next to the exploding towers. CRAZY & Fun!

On a much calmer note, we visited Cuenca’s Banco Central Museum to see a bonsai exhibit.  Talk about strong, yet small. The museum also has a beautiful outside garden so we found some shade, sat and took in the scene.

As I said in my first blog from Ecuador, Cuenca Rocks! It’s been a wonderful three months.

Sunday, June 28th, we travel to Peru. We have an overnight in Lima, and then fly to Cusco for a seven week stay.

Stay tuned…


A Nice Routine – Cuenca, Ecuador

Hola from Cuenca, Ecuador.

I have been reminded by two bright women that I haven’t blogged in a while. Thank you Kathy and Bridget. So, with a bit of a loving push, here I go.

I’ve fallen into a beautiful routine of going to Spanish school, going to the yoga mat, and just walking around town discovering what’s here. Where can I buy coconut oil in this town? Who sells the freshest flowers?

Studying Spanish anchors the days. I’ve attended two Spanish school. The first school was in a beautiful 18th century building. Class was just me and my teacher, Juan, two hours a day, five days a week. I signed up for a month and my brain almost blew up. I loved it, and it was very intense, and I learned much. My ear just needs more training and time.

Next, I found “ Coffee Club Spanish.” This course is six weeks, twice a week and I am one of seven students. I love this class even more. Our homework is to read a chapter in Patricia va a California (my best guess is that a Spanish speaking third grader could read it) and then we discuss in Spanish followed by new material. The lessons truly motivate me to keep going. Anna, my teacher, is the best. After class, I usually go to breakfast and rewrite and review my notes, just like a good student should.

Bob and I have met some wonderful people. I join a group of women on Monday’s for Spanish Scrabble. More Spanish study! (Ann and Mary, you would be proud)

Many of our friends love to hike, and one likes to go to the thermal baths with me! Hiking continues to be a big focus for us and we have been on many, one being partly guided by a delightful Ecuadorian woman and her son. Bob has a new pair of hiking boots and a new back pack!

Yoga takes part of my days either at home on the roof or at the yoga studio with Chris.

Whenever a church is open, I stop in to light a candle for family and health.

So, as you can see, life is full of everything I love. Our next stop is Peru for July and part of August and then back to the states to say “Hey.”