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Dubrovnik, Croatia

Some places have a magic and Dubrovnik, Croatia makes that list. Situated on the Adriatic Sea where the hills meet the sea, the views are spectacular. The red roofed buildings contrast with the blue sea calming the soul.

Communities tuck into the hillsides accessed by many stairs and a few roads. (Mom you would live close to the water. No stairs!) To get to our house, we walk 316 stairs to our doorstep. Who needs a stair stepper.

We’ve rented a quirky apartment and couldn’t be happier. Our patio offers magnificent views of the peninsula, the bay and the sea. Each morning I’m surprised by the beauty. Grape vines grow in the yard and produce the sweetest purple grapes that I have eaten. I pick them most days. Yum!

The apartment is decorated with dated quirky art work, clocks, and a cabinet filled with liquor glass. I’d love to know the stories behind this stuff. “Grandpa gave this clock to Grandma on their wedding day and Grandma finished this needlepoint just before you were born.” It’s fun to guess the stories. The place is simple, clean and has a powerful shower. That’s all we need.

Bob tried to turn on the lights in the bathroom, but he flushed the toilet instead. It’s an updated version of the Thomas Crapper style toilet, and it’s got a powerful flush.

I’ve been going to the fresh market most days to pick up fruits and veggies. One woman sells her olive oil. I love the rich smooth flavor. I hope she’s back at the market soon. So many little surprises in Dubrovnik.

One week in and we’re settled and starting to explore outside our immediate neighborhood. We walked around the peninsula the other day and have lots more exploring to do. HIstoric Old Town is next.  Stay tuned.