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Hong Kong – First Week

Country # 10

Continent # 5

Chicago to Hong Kong

Our plane landed in Hong Kong 8pm, Nov 1st. That’s 6am Wisconsin time. Yep, a 14 hour time difference. The obvious question–“What’s it like to flip your internal clock?” The short answer, not easy. Those circadian rhythms hold tons of power.

We arrived at our apartment by 10pm and I was tucked in bed by midnight thinking I’ve got this. I’ll sleep through the night and be on Hong Kong time in the morning.


2:37am. My eyes pop open. I am awake, wide awake, outrageously productive awake. I pretend to sleep until 4 and finally get up and read the Washington Post.

Needless to say, I’m crabby as the day unfolds. This is when you know you’ve married the right guy. Bob loves me for better or for time zone change.

We grocery shop and adjust to our teeny tiny apartment. It’s the smallest and most expensive to date. However, it is the best shower ever. The proportion of shower to apartment is ridiculous. Seriously, the shower could be a small office. No complaints here. With my challenges adjusting to the time change, the rain shower is a small bonus.

A huge plus in traveling to Hong Kong right now is family. Our niece Kristin and her family are living here for three years. They’re just a short scenic ferry ride away in Discovery Bay.

So on day two, I jumped on the ferry to visit Kristin and the family. Discovery Bay….

A few day later Bob and I returned to Discovery Bay, and we all hiked to Tiger’s Head and then on down to Mui Wo for what turned out to be a five hour hike. As we climbed many stairs to reach the trailhead continuing up to Tiger’s Head, it became obvious we’d lost our Norway mountain hiking grit. We hiked a lot in the UK, but not in the steep mountains that keep you in tip-top shape.

A little humility and a day of sore muscles and I’m ready to tackle more of the many mountains of Hong Kong. Most people don’t think hiking when they think Hong Kong, but this city has some of the best hiking around.

On another note, I’m becoming quite confident when it comes to the markets. A little pantomime, a little pointing, and a friendly smile and I’ve purchased tasty fruits and veggies. The skills are building.

My circadian rhythms are starting to align and I’m looking forward to more time with family, a new yoga studio, a Chinese cooking class, and of course, more hiking.

Until later.