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Weather Update 2

It rained more and flooded our plaza all the way to the buildings. We had 4 inches of water outside our door. The city worked hard to support the community by erecting a large orange tube. Think of it as a gigantic hi-tech sandbag. Later they put up planks over the water so you could get to the businesses.

One of the hotels removed the bottom panels of glass of its lobby to let the water in so that the flood water would not break the glass. Sandbags blocked the doors. I think the hotel was designed for floods.

Kayaks and row boats were out and about surveying the scene. One boat stopped for coffee at one of the cafes still open. The boater waded through the water with two cups of coffee. It was fun to watch. Everyone seemed to take the flood in stride.

After the flood waters receded there were small amounts of damage. There was a lot of debris everywhere, a boat was torn apart and some of the bricks on the walkway were pushed up.

The city is quickly cleaning up and the Christmas decorations are starting to appear.


Weather Update

And now for a quick weather update:

It’s raining now, it’s been raining and it’s going to continue to rain. There’s a front parked over northern Italy right now and it’s bringing the rain. Last week it rained four days in a row and the lake flooded. It wasn’t too bad, just over its bank and a little on half the road. Basically the ducks and swans were swimming in the piazza.

Of course, the skiers are thrilled.  Since we’re living in the very foothills of the Alps, the rain here means heavy snow less than an hour away.

The rain stopped for the weekend and it was a sunny and a warm 58 degrees Friday and Saturday. Sunday was cloudy, but warm. Today, Monday rain again and the weather report says it’s going to rain until Wednesday again.

So, I have two new purchases to help me navigate the rain. My first pair of rain boots, not yellow – I tried, and a new bright pink umbrella. My friend Lori told me to wear bright colors on rainy days. I love putting on the boots, and opening up the cheery umbrella and going for a walk in town. It’s too rainy to hike so we are doing more “urban hikes,” stopping for a hot chocolate or an espresso and exploring the town.

The other news is that we have moved into a bigger apartment in the same building. We have a very long balcony and… (drum roll…) a fire place! There is nothing better than a warm fire and a steamy bowl of homemade soup on a rainy day. Looks like I’ll be building a few fires this week.

Thursday we are off to Tuscany for a long weekend, and it’s not suppose to rain. Stay tuned.