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Our First Few Weeks in Malaga, Spain

Our First Few Weeks in Malaga, Spain

A city by the sea, the Mediterranean. A city of class, a city of kindness and a city with a virgen. (Stay tuned.)

As I shared in my first very quick blog, I love being in Malaga. Adjusting to a new time zone created some crazy sleeping and eating patterns, but slowly we both shifted.

Each day we walk around, sometimes with a destination, and often just to explore.The parks are works of art, the beaches are screaming my name and the central city is complete with a grand market. The sideways are literally mable. It’s a grand city.

And then just walking around, Bob runs into a virgen. Yep, a virgen. The first weekend we were here turned out to be the crowning of the Virgen del Rocio. Hundreds of thousands of people flooded the streets to get a glimpse of the Virgen del Rocio. The people were almost in a frenzy to see her.  Bob and I joined in. Why not. (If you would like to read more, here’s a good article. http://www.surinenglish.com/20150911/whattodo/crowning-virgen-rocio-201509111110.html)

In contrast, the next weekend was fashion week complete with the longest catwalk in the world. We headed to the square and watched high end models strut the latest garb. I stepped upon the runway to strut my oh-so-fashionable-orthopedic flip flops.

We have also explored the Alcazaba, a Moorish castle, the hilltop castle of Gibralfaro, and we’ve hiked to the peak of Monte San Anton, just outside the city. Amazing views.

It’s been a great start to our time here in Malaga.