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Costa Rica in May


The rainy season came with May. Most days start sunny, and by mid-afternoon, the clouds roll in and the rain dumps from the sky. Now I understand the deep gutters on the sides of the roads. The temperature drops a bit and the soup and bread making begin.

When we were in Norway, I started making rolls from scratch. Somewhere along the way, I got the idea to learn sourdough bread.  With Linda’s well-equipped kitchen and the rainy season upon us, sourdough bread making seemed right.

I read many articles and consulted Sam, the family bread expert. I’m proud to report after five rounds, all loaves were edible and are improving with each new attempt.

One article explained it’s an art as much as a science and as Sam pointed out, everything will change with each new kitchen. Let the art begin.

If you want to stay dry in May, outside activities take place in the morning. Chelsey and I walk the countryside early mornings and occasionally I do a bit of gardening before the rain starts.

One morning Bob and I headed to Los Alpes, a private rainforest reserve at 1400 meters. Warren, the caretaker, took us on a 5k hike through the virgin rainforest.  Chelsey came but needed to stay on her leash because she might take off following the scent of a puma or a monkey or a jaguar. How often do you get to write that?

Gigantic green leaves, ferns, and sweet humid air dominated the scenery. The vines were strong enough for Tarzan and Bob did his usual “Me Tarzan, you Jane” imitation. Watching Warren’s relaxed manner and ease helped to lessen my fear of snakes, spiders, and pumas, oh my. I didn’t see any but I thought about them. When navigating the trails, I hesitated to grab vines or branches thinking there might be a snake there, or something worse. Actually, I loved our rainforest hike and was grateful that Warren took the time to guide us.

We drive into San Ramon for the Friday farmer’s market and other days just to explore. The main park across from the cathedral is my favorite area of town. It’s great people watching.  

Our time in Costa Rica comes to a close June 5th. We travel back to the rolling hills of Peebles, Scotland for our third year in a row.

Stay tuned –


Just in case you missed the Sesquiáltera – Música Antigua Iberoamericana from my last blog, take a minute to listen. My favorite is Credidi de 6.



Author: janeelizabethmarko

Jane travels the world with her husband Bob. They are always looking for long-term house sits. Contact Jane if you are planning on traveling and need someone to care for your pets, garden, and home.

13 thoughts on “Costa Rica in May

  1. Well who has no time for Pillsbury? Well captured story and video once again.

  2. NEVER. Pillsbury is going down! Thanks.

  3. Nice update! Bread- GOOD bread seems like such a memory to me. Yours looks like those good memories! YUM!

    Safe travels to Peebles.

  4. Your bread looked yummy to me. I love your writing and always enjoy your updates.

  5. thanks much. Just had a slice of round six and it is a bit doughy. SOOooo much to learn

  6. Jane, your blogs are so amazing! The text. photos, music, all!
    Glad you and Bob are well and you seem to be keeping the travel pace no problem
    Love, Lynn

  7. Hi Jane and Bob,
    I can’t believe that your time in Costa Rica is almost over already. I loved your story about the rain forest. Hope you enjoy your 3rd visit to Scotland. Will you take your sour-dough starter with you? Miss you.
    Linda & Dan

  8. Hey Linda,
    The sourdough started is all yours. It’s waiting for you in the frig. See ya soon.

    • I tried keeping sourdough starter that my neighbor gave me, but when it crawled out of its bowl, and spread around my refrigerator, I got scared!

      • OH my. I’m a neophyte, so I can’t tell you why this happened. Oh my. Were you feeding the starter in the frig? It only needs feeding every 12 hours when it’s in the frig. When it’s time for bread making, it comes out of the frig and gets fed every twelve hours until you have enough to make your bread. Were you able to save any of it? ‘Oh my,” one more time. Ya got to love learnin”!

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