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Bergen, Norway – Country Seven


We arrived Monday afternoon

to a rainy day.

I woke up Tuesday at noon

and headed out.

My walk around town captivated me.


Every detail of this city

intrigues me.

The muted reds, oranges and blues

of the clapboard homes

tucked into the hills,

the openness of the water

on either side of the peninsula,

the calmness of the city center

all keep drawing my attention.


I am instantly in love with Bergen.

She’s sophisticated,

yet not snooty.

She’s trendy,

yet down to earth.

No other city has felt like this.


In the few days that we have been here,

I find myself wanting more.

Each and every neighborhood

calls to be explored.  

The surrounding mountains

call as well.


Bergen seems to be the perfect place

to be for the next two months.


Author: janeelizabethmarko

Jane travels the world with her husband Bob. They are always looking for long-term house sits. Contact Jane if you are planning on traveling and need someone to care for your pets, garden, and home.

7 thoughts on “Bergen, Norway – Country Seven

  1. Wow, we love following your adventures. We spent a month in Lisbon and loved it. Maybe someday we will meet up again in some wild and interesting place. Our best to you both. Kaye and Tom

  2. You seem to be off to yet another great adventure in a new place that speaks to you differently. Again. Can’t wait to hear more about your adventures in the Fjords!

  3. Looks like we are going on a tour on Wednesday.

  4. Alltid en glede å høre fra deg Jane !

    Takk for å holde oss oppdatert!


    Juan av Longacre

  5. It looks fabulous. I have always thought Norway was such a civilized place. Smart about everything clean and beautiful. You will really love Oslo too. I’m jealous. Have fun and thanks for the update. Keep in touch.

  6. This great couple going round the world, brave to fly with the basic, a guitar, a yoga mat, little else. Shared days by the Mediterranean Sea, mountains above, castles far away. Learning to forget, forgetting to go back, just walk every day, leaving the traces in the air. Bob & Jane, a warm hug from Málaga.

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