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Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic


We have crossed the Atlantic again, landing in the Dominican Republic. We have settled in the somewhat sleepy town of Las Terrenas on the north side of the island.

In leaving Morocco, we had a day layover in Madrid, so we stopped by the Prado Museum for a calming stroll through master paintings. After a cozy stay at a fine hotel, we flew nine hours to Santo Domingo, DR.

We landed at night, so we missed out on the beautiful scenery as we were driven the two hours to Las Terrenas, our new home until mid April.

It’s a small beach town on a peninsula, so we can literally walk for miles in either direction along the beach, dipping our toes in the sea. Some days have a beautiful light breeze so it’s not too hot. On the hotter days, I’m in the water floating on the healing magic of the ocean.

We are negotiating our way through the town distinguishing between high priced tourist traps and cozy local gems. We always make a few mistakes, but quickly find our favs.

My first roadside vegetable stand experience seemed like a “find.” The friendly kind-eyed owner charmed me with his smile. I bought passion fruit, bananas, new honey, tomatoes, and papayas. He even flagged down one of the many “motos” ( a guy driving a motorcycle) and paid for my ride home. I walked into our bungalow glowing from the experience.

This feeling lasted all but a few minutes as I realized I paid 40 US dollars for my fruit and honey. We enjoyed every nibble of those bananas and other fruit. Lesson learned – ask the price. Better yet, have them write it down. I’m still not sure if I was “taken.” For all I know, passion fruit is pricey. I did get four. Having said that, I now ask the price, look for signs, and sadly I do have a bad feeling for “that” roadside stand and cross the street when I pass.

That small experience has NOT in any way tainted my experience in Las Terrenas. I’m loving the sea, enjoying the abundance of fruits and veggies, and exploring the cafes. I’ve also found a yoga class and walk 20 minutes on the ocean beach to get to it.

Bob and I are looking forward to many walks on the beach, and we are happy to be here. It was time to be back to the islands. There is just something about that surf.


Author: janeelizabethmarko

Jane travels the world with her husband Bob. They are always looking for long-term house sits. Contact Jane if you are planning on traveling and need someone to care for your pets, garden, and home.

6 thoughts on “Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

  1. Ahoy Jane and Bob,

    A delight to hear from you.

    All is quiet here in your former hood. The sound of snow blowers is about the most excitement we’ve had around here.

    I assume pesky mosquitoes are not buzzing around your newest location. ¡ Ten Cuidado!



  2. Oh my gosh! Love your new surroundings. Great beach home and beach!! I can actually feel it. Enjoy my friends!!

  3. What a perfectly splendid setting! Enjoy this time to relax and rejuvenate! Yoga sounds lovely – outside on the beach – yum! Spring is finally arriving in Milwaukee…snow is melting and some birds are back. The sun is shining brightly today, but not nearly as warmly as where you are. I love these blog posts, Jane. It keeps me current with your wanderings. I hope you and Bob continue to be well and happy. Would love to hear some of his great flamenco guitar…kisses to you both!

  4. This looks like a perfect spot to relax in. It’s actually gratifying for me to know that someone as “worldly” as you now are gets “taken” (or at least suspects they might have been) every now and then. I just want to trust everyone so that’s hard for me. I love your hair by the way! I’m glad you’re living your dream.

  5. Fun to hear from you from another beautiful destination. I love the colors!! Especially since it is grey here! Have fun!

  6. We miss you in Tangier! You blended in so easily and became part of us (locals) so quickly ….We all hope to see you back !

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