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Hike in the Andes


Simply put, Ecuador Rocks!

Cuenca’s energy keeps me exploring. I walk down any street, pop into a doorway and discover a beautiful court yard, sometimes open to the sky, and sometimes covered and filled with plants. Bonito.

On Monday, Bob and I left the city of Cuenca and headed to Cajas National Park in the Andes. James, our mountain guide, took us to private property in the park owned by a friend of his.

We started our adventure with a cup of half hot chocolate, half coffee at the delightfully rustic restaurant. Of course Bob had straight hot chocolate.

Once we enjoyed the atmosphere of the restaurant, we begin our hike which took us past many lakes and wild flowers. At one point the ground was covered with a firm moss-like plant that I walked across barefoot.  It was nature’s reflexology and it felt good!

As we continued to hike up, the air became thinner and toward the top, it was slow moving – walk 50 steps, rest and catch your breath, walk another 50 steps, rest… We reached 14,002 feet and it was most definitely worth the effort as the spectacular view opened up in front of us.

When we reached the top, we were surprised by a broad sand-like area. It was a cross between a beach and maybe the moon. Crazy strange!

On the way down we met a family of llamas just hanging out eating grass.

After a awe-inspiring hike, we returned to the restaurant for a tasty trout lunch.

I would say, a perfect day!

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Author: janeelizabethmarko

Jane travels the world with her husband Bob. They are always looking for long-term house sits. Contact Jane if you are planning on traveling and need someone to care for your pets, garden, and home.

9 thoughts on “Hike in the Andes

  1. Hey Jane! Love it! You are having such a great adventure – thanks for taking us along for the ride!

  2. great to hear from you. I’m glad you are enjoying. I’m loving making the movies. Are the 5th graders becoming architects?

  3. Beautiful! The flowers are lovely – always surprising how something can exist at those high altitudes. That llama was really cute! How fun to “run across” llamas. Enjoying the music.

  4. Spectacular!!

  5. Great to hear from you! What adventure, I would have died on that hike, never made it to 14,000 ft. Great photo of you both. Thanks for sharing, Arleen

  6. Many thanks for sharing. A lovely video! Love the music! Keep ’em coming! ¡Todo es muy amable!



  7. Looks and sounds like a great new adventure. Love hearing Bob’s music. Keep an eye on Facebook for baby updates. Caitlin is due in 2 weeks and Shannon in 4 to 6 weeks.

  8. Love the scene and happy you have both found joy in hiking. Always good to have family time with llamas. Como se llamas?

  9. Absolutely stunning Jane!! Especially loved the music on this one…way to go Bob!!
    Love, Mary

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